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Photograph, convert, fabricate

Simplify your manufacturing process with Scan2CAD

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Use the camera you already have

You don't need to invest in expensive equipment to reverse-engineer objects.

Scan2CAD is designed to be used with the camera you already have including smartphone cameras, DSLRs and paper scanners.

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Convert to DXF/DWG or G-code

Scan2CAD is the world's leading conversion software.

Convert your objects to cut-friendly vector drawings, optimized for manufacturing.

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Accurate dimensions, perfect scale

Accuracy matters - with Scan2CAD you can easily input the scaling into your converted drawings to manufacture perfectly accurate parts.

What can you create?

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Reverse engineer custom gaskets to manufacture gaskets of any size or shape.

→ Video Tutorial: Converting gaskets

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Convert images of tools to cut custom foam inserts, flight cases, shadowboards and more.

→ Video Tutorial: Converting tools

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Textile Patterns

Convert photographs of textile patterns to create cut-ready CNC files for manufacturing.

→ Video Tutorial: Converting patterns

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And more

Convert images of any physical images to create accurate 2D CAD/CNC profiles for manufacturing.

Simplify your manufacturing process

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